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       Jackie Juaristi is an artist, writer, and art educator in the Orlando area. Born and raised in Florida, the lush colors and landscapes of home are a permanent fixture and inspiration in her mind. The process of making art, and the relationship it has with observing the natural world or current moment, is her constant focus.

      To Juaristi, texture, light, water, and other elements of nature are like a text; a visual vocabulary that is acquired and understood through experience, and can be translated into abstract visuals. She is interested in portraying the textures, lines, and shapes she finds in nature, as well as allowing the artist's hand to be seen through organic mark-making.

       As well, Juaristi believes that poetry and painting are synonymous structures; both observe moments, experiences, and document them. Process-based abstract painting and image-based poetry tell a story of the current moment that is inherently passing as the force of the human hand interacts with the paint, or moments are captured linguistically. Her paintings and poetry represent this documentation and passage of time.

      Juaristi obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, and a Master of Arts in Art Education from Florida State University. These educational experiences and her love of nature shaped her interests in portraying natural forms and the passage of time in a multi-disciplinary manner between painting and poetry.


Veer Collective

Orlando, Florida

The Heavy Market

Winter Park, Florida

Yay! Tiny Shop

Orlando, Florida

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